Piano For The Young Beginner - Primer B

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Instrument: Piano
Series: Bastien Piano Basics

This Primer series for young beginners (ages-5-6) begins with pre-staff notation, and proceeds to reading on the grand staff. The combination of original, folk, and seasonal songs, and full-color artwork makes learning a treat. Students who complete both Primers A & B are ready for study in Level 1 of Bastien Piano Basics.The Primer B Level is a continuation of the method for students who have completed Primer A.

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Mom of one

This series is great for young children. Progresses through the basics of music and piano notes. Songs are fun, directions are clear.


My 9 year old daughter just started taking piano lessons last year, so we purchased this Piano for the Young Beginner Primer B paperback book for her. Her piano teacher, who has been playing and teaching the piano for 20 years, highly recommends Bastein books for learning on. This is the only brand we will buy for our daughter since she is learning so easily with them. The book has pretty good illustrations too.


I have used both primers thus far for my 6 year old girl and my 4 year old boy. Both are learning using this book so well! My boy can’t read yet but the notes progression in this book are a very simple transition, and challenging enough to progress them successfully


good deal, fast delivered.

David S

teaching beginning piano students basic skills needed to get familiar with the piano

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