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About The Best Piano Teachers

Let us explain you who we are and what we do. We are an advertising company (not a school) that helps to connect and manage piano teachers with new students. We work in all cities and towns across United States and Canada. Our goal is to find the best piano teacher for each new student who is looking to learn how to play piano. The Service is free for students to use. We offer advanced advertising for our piano teachers, who are looking for new piano students, and you can focus on teaching and wait for a phone call, an email or an appointment request from a potential students that we attract to your profile, and you don't have to do it yourself, we do it for you. We have our experienced team of marketing specialists on board who work smart and hard to achieve and exceed your goals. Once you have a student base within our system, we help you manage your day to day lesson schedule. You can login to our website, navigate to Schedule menu item on the left hand side and see your daily/weekly or monthly schedule. You can manage your lessons, appointments, group lessons or general events. To keep track of student attendance, you may use practice logs feature for each of your students. You can log payments you received from your students, manage students contact information