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$64 Per Hour

Joanna Grace

Piano & Theory

My music career started as a self-appointed music critic, at age 2, counting my older sister's mistakes as she practiced piano! By age 7, I starte...

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$45 Per Hour

Shirley Friar


Shirley Friar, MT-BC, CPE Chaplain
Degrees: BME, MM, MEd.

Experience in various educational, mental health, and spiritual enviro...

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Book your appointments: Once you are on the selected teacher profile page, please click on orange appointment button under the contact details section. You will be presented with an appoinment form. Please fill out your contact information, prefered time of the appointment, some notes optionally and press on the Book button at the bottom of the form. The teacher will receive the information shortly and will contact you if they have any questions about the appointment

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New Experiences: In case if you want us to find you a piano teacher, please navigate to the page, fill up your contact information, and we will find you your teacher. Once you connect with your teacher and start learning how to play piano, please write a review of your teacher, share experience with the teacher by sharing his or her social profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ by clicking on any of the icons under "Share This Profile" section of the piano teacher public profile page


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