Notespeed, music card game, teaches notes

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Notespeed is a fast, competitive, and hands-on music card game for one or two players. It teaches the notes from Low C to High C in seven sequential levels. All 7 Levels are included in this set.

Why should I use Notespeed with my children or students?

  1. It’s a fun way to learn how to read music notes.
  2. Most music students have holes in their note reading.
  3. It can be practiced at home individually or played with a partner.
  4. Flashcards are boring and time consuming.
  5. It teaches the natural pattern of piano notes reading instead of by 3rds or skips on the staff.
  6. Besides benefiting from all the great learning tools this game provides, it is a BLAST to play!

Please download instructions PDF file

How is it organized?
Levels 1-5 use small, specific sections of the grand staff in each level.
Level 2 uses Middle C up to Treble C.
Primer Level uses just the letter names ABCDEFG.
Notespeed Primer Level uses just the letter names ABCDEFG
Level 1 uses Middle C position.
Notespeed Level 1 uses Middle C position
Level 3 uses Middle C down to Bass C.
Notespeed Level 3 uses Middle C down to Bass C
Level 4 uses Treble C up to High C.
Notespeed Level 4 uses Treble C up to High C
Level 5 uses Low C up to Bass C.
Notespeed Level 5 uses Low C up to Bass C
Level 6 uses the complete grand staff, Low C up to High C. Players are allowed to skip octaves.
Notespeed Level 6 uses the complete grand staff, Low C up to High C. Players are allowed to skip octaves

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Customer Review

Colleen Branson

This is a great game in several levels. It came very quickly.

Kim Poli

I honestly would like to hug the creator of this game. What a great idea! If you're a music teacher you will not regret buying this. Every student I introduced the game to responded with the exact same words: "I want to play again!"

Piano Girl

I use NoteSpeed to make learning music notes a game for piano students. It comes in multiple levels and it is easy for me to let them win!

Kate B

NoteSpeed is an absolutely brilliant way to get students reading music fluently, fast! I use it with all my piano students, and they all love it. I have seen huge growth in site reading and music comprehension since I've been using it to teach in my studio.

Craig Harmann

It’s a great tool to use with my piano students! I love it!

David Frazee

Fun game for piano students. Watch the YouTube video for the best examples on how to play.


These are high quality cards with a beautiful background. I’m a piano teacher and have loved using these for my students. Because of the different levels (treble clef, bass clef, ledger lines, musical alphabet, etc) it makes it easy for me to quickly grab the deck I need for the particular student. Also, having several cards of the same note allows me to create multiple games for all levels (Chords, scales, note recognition). Love these!


My students at all levels enjoy these card games. I use the plural because several levels are included in the order, from absolute beginner to advanced. The cards have been used over and over and yet they have held up without any damage. The quality of printing and paper are excellent, and the rules are easy for anyone to understand. I use many board, paper and card games with my students, but Notespeed has proved to be the most popular. A round of Notespeed is often the begged-for reward after a lesson well-done.


teach piano? you MUST own this. it is worth twice the price. get it today and thank me tomorrow!


Fun yet educational. The younger students especially love playing this game. Really helps them with learning and remembering notes.

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