Piano Level 1 - Bastien Piano Basics

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Introducing the Bastien Piano Basics: Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Piano 🎹

Unleash your musical potential with the Bastien Piano Basics, the essential lesson book designed to provide a steady and engaging learning experience for aspiring pianists. This comprehensive guide ensures continuous progress, blending original music by the Bastiens with a captivating mix of pop, folk, classical, and contemporary styles.

What sets this book apart? ✨

Full-color illustrations: Vibrant visuals throughout the book entertain and reinforce crucial musical concepts, making learning a delightful experience.

Gradual multi-key approach: Cover all 12 keys systematically with 3 keys explored in each of the 4 levels, allowing for a smooth and structured progression.

Perfectly correlated: Each page is meticulously coordinated with Theory, Performance, and Technic sections, ensuring a holistic understanding of piano playing.

Dynamic introduction: Discover the marvelous world of music with this interactive and captivating approach to piano learning.

Product Details:

Edition Number: WP201
ISBN 10 digit: 0849752663
Level/Grade: 1
Media Type: Music Books
Instrument: Piano

Series: Bastien Piano Basics

Ideal for students who have completed any Primer Level, Level 1 starts with easy pieces in the C position, gradually introducing the C, F, and G 5-finger positions. The Bastien Piano Basics is your all-in-one resource to unlock the pianist within you. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your musical journey with a reliable and engaging guide.

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Dimensions: 22.7 x 30.3 x 0.4 cm

Ratings & Reviews

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Customer Review


I use these books for my piano students and find they're really good for beginners.


Needed this book for Piano lessons; it was easy to find and decent price.

Loizos Antoniou

If you plan a head this series is cheaper online than in a physical store.

Juan M.

Best price around


Very nice


Currently working my way through this book. Well presented with gradual introduction of notes and clear explanations.

Lle'warin Penny

As a piano teacher, I am most satisfied with this book. The Bastien method may be older, but it works! The concepts are introduced at the right pace, and reinforced/reviewed. The colorful pictures in these books are fun and engaging. I actually like these pictures better than the Piano Adventures ones, although these books are older. (Note: As in the previous book, one song has the word "gee" in it, which we changed with white-out.)


Bought at piano teacher's request - it seems a popular scheme of work for teachers to use. My son seems to have got on well with it and the selection of tunes is nice and appealing to children. He's just gone back to it to play 'Ode to Joy' and 'Swingin' Beat' on the organ at his Grandmother's funeral. Highly recommended.

Sienna Ottenbreit

The material moves at a great pace, and I love the time frame of what they cover when. It moves a little faster than Faber in my opinion, and the songs feel like actual songs (if they aren't already). I use this series (starting in the primer book) with all of my piano students who start playing from age 8 and up. It is a great series!

Lisa Orsini


Marilyn F. Lipes

I love this book. The melodies and arrangements are so pleasing, adorable, and fun. My 10 year old granddaughter's piano teacher started her lessons with this book. My granddaughter loves the cute, catchy tunes. The book is a set up so well. It is an excellent, fun learning tool. I am 70 and took lessons when I was a child. I found my granddaughter playing from it and ordered one for myself. It is a great way for grandma to remember old skills and learn new ones on my portable Casio keyboard.

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