MP100 - Piano Town - Lessons - Primer - Keith Snell

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Lessons is the core of Piano Town. The controlled, steady pacing of the curriculum introduces one element at a time. Each concept is presented in a consistent, reliable format. This clear presentation helps students focus on new skills and information.

Edition Number: MP100
Number of pages: 64
10-digit ISBN Number: 849773016
Publication Date: 06/03/2004
Media Type: Music Books
Instrument: Piano
Level/Grade: Primer
Series: Piano Town

Lessons Primer Level is written for beginners age 6 to 10. In this 64 page book, students will experience pre-staff reading in middle C and C 5-finger positions, then learn to read on the staff in the middle C, C, and G 5-finger positions. Note values of quarter, half, dotted half and whole note are used in time signatures 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4. Eighth notes are introduced at page 38. Students will learn rest signs, sharp and flat, slur and tie, f and p, staccato and legato, repeat sign, intervals to the 5th, and C and G chords. Verb rich lyrics and detailed artwork engage imagination and promote enthusiasm. Each piece has questions for students to answer to aid in successful learning and comprehension. Most piano students will complete this book in approximately one school year.

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Customer Review

C. Pettey

I didn't use the Piano Town books as a child, and I am so impressed with this series. They teach a lot of things at a beginning level that I didn't learn until a few years in. The songs are fun, and my kids enjoy playing them. They progress at a perfect rate- enough to get comfortable with a new concept and then moving on.


Wonderful book

jason p hamilton

My granddaughter picked up piano lessons and she can play like she has been taken lessons for years.


My son started with another series. After a month with that teacher, I switched to another teacher. The new teacher use this book. Ever since then, my son is making progress each week. I am glad I switched teacher and the book!

dave ringley

you will love it


Excellent companion to Piano Town Lessons book for children


Arrived on time as described.

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