Piano Keyboard Stickers for 88/61/54/49 Key, Multicolor

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  • Size: Suitable for all 88/61/54/49/37 key pianos and keyboards. White key sticker 4.0cmX1.55cm(1.57”X0.61”). Black key sticker 3.9cmX0.85cm(1.54”X0.33”).
  • Durable: The letters are printed on the backside of the transparent sticker, so they can withstand the constant impact of fingers, will be always legible, and never fade. Waterproof, when the surface is dirty, simply wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it.
  • No Glue Left: The adhesive on the backside is clean and durable, and can be removed/pasted many times. Leaving no residue on piano keys, and completely no harm to the keyboard.
  • Good Feeling: Piano key stickers are very thin and you can barely feel them when you play the piano. The sticker has a smooth surface and no resistance, making it comfortable when practicing techniques such as portamento and arpeggios.
  • Easy to Read: The piano letters are large enough, clear, and easy to read, kids feel joyful to learn the piano and memorize note positions. Great for beginners and little masters.

Product Details:
Item Weight: 0.018 kg
Dimensions: 5.0 x 15.0 x 0.2 cm

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Customer Review


These are great! Easy to reposition, no worries when I am ready to remove them I am sure they will leave no residue. So easy to put on and love the little guide on the paper so I know I am putting the right keys. We are beginners on piano in our family, so these will be a huge help!

Liz W.

I wish this was a thing when I was learning as a kid! Just make sure to take your time with the stickers 😅 the directions are super clear, but it will take a little while

Doc P

These piano keyboard stickers has helped my children read musical notes during piano lessons. Highly recommend.

Trish Brunson

Great for beginner students.


My son love it

Gabrielle Nehring

Teaching my kids piano. These are super helpful for identifying the notes, finding middle C (which is clearly different that the others) and making piano colorful and even more fun.

Alanna Macey

These are a simple, functional tool to help a piano student recognize notes as written in sheet music. I will be purchasing additional sheets.

Eileen T Munson

Love these note decals. Learning to play the piano is so much easier with these decals. They come off easy too if you need to remove them.

Nancy M.

These are super helpful. They are helping our little beginner piano player. They stick to the keys but are VERY easy to remove without leaving any sticky residue. I was afraid they would wreck the keys of the piano. However, to my delight, they don't leave any trace of being on the keys when removed. They don't have that sticky glue that you'd find on the back of kids stickers that I thought they might. I would recommend these for anyone learning to play piano.

C. Hansen

These stickers are awesome for piano beginners. It help us easily identify middle C and really find the pattern of the keys. Like all things that kids touch, they do eventually start to peel but it doesn't damage the piano keys at all. We've had them on for almost a year and only maybe 3 or 4 have experienced any wear. Over, it's a pretty good purchase for a beginner.

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