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The Top Piano Accessories and Tools for Better Playing and Performance

A piano is a keyboard instrument played by depressing keys, which cause hammers to strike tuned strings and produce sounds. It's mostly played with the fingers and forms a vital part of many kinds of music, from classical to pop.

While some pianos come with a lot of in-built features, others lack such features. Hence the need for some additional tools that enhance playing and performance.

In this article, we'll explore some of the top piano accessories, piano tuning tools, and piano practice aids for better playing and performance.

Piano Accessories

Here are the top accessories that add some extra function to your piano to make playing easier and more enjoyable:

Piano Bench

Pianos come in various sizes and shapes, but the need to maintain a proper posture while playing the piano doesn't change. So, the piano bench is a must-have for any pianist, as it helps them sit comfortably while playing the piano with little to no effort. However, the right bench is the one that can make the pianist reach the keys easily with their feet on the ground.

Piano Lamp

A piano lamp is an indisputable piano accessory for anyone who likes playing piano at night, especially when there's no light or where the light can't reach. In such situations, a piano lamp can illuminate those places and shine light on a music score or keyboard.

Cleaning Kit

You always need a cleaning kit to keep your piano in good shape. While this may seem insignificant, a lack of proper maintenance of your piano or using the wrong cleaning products could corrode or damage it. That's why it's important that you invest in the right cleaning kit to help clean your piano well and preserve it from degrading.

Piano Polish

A piano polish is to a piano what a shoe polish is to shoes. A piano polish gives your piano a nice finish, making it shine like a brand new one. So, it makes sense to buy a polish for your piano and use it to shine it after wiping it down.

Piano Microfiber Cloth

Use a piano microfiber cloth to clean your piano because a piano isn't meant to be cleaned with every piece of cloth. A piano microfiber cloth is usually made of a very fine synthetic fiber and is specifically designed for cleaning the piano. It's gentle on your piano, picks up dust and dirt on your piano effectively, and doesn't scratch or damage your piano.

Piano Tuning Tools

Here are some tools that can help you tune your piano to a standard pitch:

Piano Tuning Fork

A piano tuning fork is a fork-shaped object that emits a tone of a specific frequency when you strike it. It used to be the most important tuning tool apart from the piano tuning hammer and is still widely used for tuning pianos. Although many people are now embracing the use of electronic chromatic tuners, a good tuning fork remains a great asset in the right hands.

Electronic Chromatic Tuner

Electronic chromatic tuners are now widely used for tuning pianos. They help people, especially novices, tune the piano with much precision without losing a sweat because they're easy to use and get the job done fast. Although they cost more money than a tuning fork, an electronic chromatic tuner isn't a huge investment.

Piano Tuning Hammer

A piano tuning hammer is used for tuning pianos. It's a wrench shaped like a hammer with strings wrapped around tuning pins and heads hollowed to fit over the tuning pegs. It's sometimes referred to as a piano tuning lever, piano tuning wrench, or piano tuning key and comes in different sizes and styles, but buying a high-quality piano tuning hammer, especially one with a sturdy handle, is highly recommended.

Piano Practice Aids

Here are some practice aids to help you learn the piano:


A metronome is a musical instrument that is used to mark time by means of regular ticks at adjustable intervals. It produces a rhythmic ticking sound that helps you keep a steady tempo while playing the piano. Some digital pianos and keyboards come with a metronome, while others don't, thus necessitating the purchase of a standalone metronome. Yet a few other metronomes are equipped with additional features, such as a built-in tuner or a drum machine.

Finger Exerciser

A finger exerciser is a simple yet effective hand tool for exercising your fingers, wrists, hands, and forearms. It helps you develop finger strength and strengthen your grip for long periods of time. This ensures that your fingers don't start hurting you when you're exercising. It's particularly useful for people with hand and finger arthritis or those who need some extra level of comfort while playing the piano.

Note Trainer

A note trainer is a musical tool that helps you recognize the piano notes on the music staff. It's designed to help train your ability to read music. It increases in speed and difficulty over time, and you can learn to read music quickly and effortlessly. It's fun and easy to use, but exercise levels, which often include reading musical notes and musical chords, can range from beginner to advanced.

It's important to note that you can get the most out of your piano by leveraging accessories, but adding too many modifications can crowd your piano and make nonsense of your effort. So, choose wisely so you can improve your piano skills while enjoying your piano experience.

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