Can I Learn Piano at 50?

You are never too old to learn music. Music does not have any age to learn or end to stop learning. If you ask, can I learn piano at 50? Listen, buddy, you would decide whether you want to learn music, be it at the age of 15 or 50.

Your age can never be a barrier to learning how to play the piano. The perfect age for learning to play the piano is when you are determined and motivated to learn to play it. So, don't overthink your capabilities of learning something new if you are eager to learn it.

Is It Hard to Learn Piano at An Older Age?

It is a bit hard for old people to learn to play piano at this age, but it is not something impossible which they can't do.

The learning capacity of an old person is way too low than that of a teenager or even a middle-aged person. That is why they may find it difficult to memorize the notes.

Again, the old people do not have that level of attentiveness in themselves which we see among the teenagers or middle-agers. So, the older people cannot concentrate and pay attention to a music class. This is how it becomes difficult for them to focus.

Even though the barriers of old age, if someone is truly determined to learn piano, they can easily expand their capacity to learn, remember, and concentrate. It would be possible for them to learn to play the piano.

Can I Learn Piano at 50?

Like there are no magic tricks for learning piano, no set rules depending on your age either. It is the same process as others in a younger age group. You need to have the patience and determination to learn the instrument.

There is no specific way to tell you how to learn piano at this age other than practicing properly and being attentive. Although there are some tips, you may follow if you are a learner at 50 or more.

5 Tips to Learning Piano at 50


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  • Find A Teacher

Finding the best teacher for your lessons is important even for young people. However, getting the perfect teacher for yourself might seem like hard work, which it is, to be honest.

At the age of 50, you should most likely find a private piano teacher for you. Going into group sessions would need you to maintain the pace at which they are moving.

But having a private teacher is the best option for you. You can easily customize your lessons and make a preferable schedule for yourself with a private teacher.

When finding a teacher for yourself, make sure he is experienced and does not rush with his lessons. Apart from the expertise and experience of the teacher, make sure he is patient enough to teach you.

You might need time to catch up with lessons and then master them, given your age. So, find a teacher who will teach you with patience and compassion.

  • Set Goals

The next step is setting your goals. You can never learn something without setting any goals. For example, you have to set a goal for how long it will take me to complete my piano lessons. It also keeps you determined and focused on finishing your goals.

Make a checklist for a month and tell your teacher to add some specific goals you would follow the whole month. Then, every day you will wake up and look at your designated goals and practice.

It would help you maintain your concentration throughout the lessons. Learning piano won't feel like an extra job for you and will become easier.

Without your goals or deadlines set, you would not feel the urge to learn and master your lessons properly. So, make sure to set some goals and practice your everyday lessons properly.

  • Learn The Basics

Do not try to push yourself into learning too much at once. Stick to the basics first. Learning the advanced lessons of the piano requires much effort and practice. Although researchers find that playing the piano is good for hypertension, overdoing it may result in serious health issues.

That is why take your time learning the basics. Even if you take longer than others to learn your basics, it is alright.

Because once you learn the basics, you can play almost anything on your piano if you want. Once you're done with it, master it over and over again. You don't want to tire yourself up.

  • Make Practicing Aa Priority.

You can never learn to play the piano if you don't make practicing one of your top priorities. On the other hand, practicing is a must if you are determined to learn to play the piano. 

If you don't practice regularly and come up with excuses not to practice, you will keep forgetting your lessons and can never grasp the lessons you have been taught.

Practicing regularly is also like meditation and can easily help you concentrate on things. So, prioritize your practice schedules and don't lag in any lesson.

  • Find Music You Enjoy Playing.

You would have your preferences of music according to your taste. Practicing the kind of music you like will help you practice more and more, and you will also enjoy playing the piano.

When you practice playing piano with satisfaction, you are more likely to learn better than normal times. Your favorite kind of music would encourage you to practice more and more.

In this way, your learning will be better and more effective. So, make sure to jot down all your favorite kind of music or even a similar genre and hand it over to your teacher. He would help you pick up those songs.

Advice to Students in this Age Group


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Learning at this age might seem like something impossible to you. Because you don't have the same level of patience to sit in front of the piano at a stretch, you don't have the same level of enthusiasm as you had in your younger days.

But it is all in your head. In reality, learning any form of music needs more passion and determination than patience and endeavor.

So, don't let anyone discourage you from learning piano at this age. Challenge yourself to learn something you like despite the age you are in. But remember not to push yourself too hard in the process of doing so.


Snow, if you’re still wondering, can I learn piano at 50? Hell, yeah, buddy! Learning music should always come from your heart, no matter your age.

You can consider yourself an example to so many people at your age by learning something that you love, even at the age of 50.

There is no age and end of learning. So, do not back off thinking that you're too old for this. Keep focusing on what you want to do and have a little faith in yourself. Learning piano would be much easier for you when you are determined to learn and love to play.

Have a great time learning how to play the piano!

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