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Good afternoon! My name is Nadya, I'm a professional pianist and piano teacher with experience of more than 20 years in giving lessons.
I work via Skype with clients around the world helping them to improve their musical knowledge and perform more confidently and clearly. I work with beginners, advanced and professionals and with different music styles. Development of technique and musical hearing, understanding the rules the music is built on, will help you to learn and play your favourite pieces the way you would like to. You will also get the experience of self confidence on the stage and reach your goals preparing to enter the conservatoire or to play in a competition.
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  • Age Range: 0 - 100
    Individual/Group: Private Group (2-4 people)
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    Hourly Rate: $20


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  • Piano Teacher, Piano Lessons (Jan, 2002 - Jan, 2002)

    Piano department

    Teaching is a calling, as well as being a pianist. Ever since I played my first note on the piano at the age of 3, I have never had to ask myself who I want to become. Throughout the last 17 years that I have been teaching professionally, I saw my students grow and improve – from complete beginners to fluent and confident pianists. I am really proud of them and the results they achieved.
    My lessons include a great wealth of experience of Russian and international piano schools.
    During my classes, I teach the development of musical hearing and sense of rhythm, sense of artistic and aesthetic taste, coordination of hearing and voice, the study of musical literacy and fluent sight-reading, setting hands and the development of finger agility. I dedicate a great deal of time to teaching music theory, the proper touch, the right positioning during playing and understanding the rules and structure. However, the most important emphasis is made on what music actually is for.
    Music should bring harmony into the world, and this is its purpose.
    Music is a powerful instrument which, once mastered, can tell things which cannot be expressed in words.
    The main goal of my teaching is to offer a chance to open up and find yourself in music, to give the possibility to speak the language of music the way you would like to, with the help of the techniques you learn during my lessons.

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Piano Lessons by Nadya

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