Bastien Piano Basics: Theory - Level 2

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Theory is the theory workbook portion of the Bastien Piano Basics course. Each book contains written work and some short pieces to reinforce the concepts presented in Piano. Games, puzzles, and colorful illustrations make learning fun! Your students will gain a better understanding of the music they are playing, and they will learn more easily when theory instruction is a regular part of their piano studies. Each page is carefully correlated with Piano, Performance, and Technic.

Edition Number: WP207
ISBN 10 digit: 0849752736
Level/Grade: 2
Media Type: Music Books
Instrument: Piano
Series: Bastien Piano Basics

Level 2 provides theory materials correlated with Piano.

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Item Weight: 0.128 kg
Dimensions: 22.2 x 29.9 x 0.6 cm

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My wife was using these to teach our grandchildren music and to play the piano. My wife is very pleased with it and is proving to be very useful.

Mary Jordan

Love this series as a piano teacher


As a piano teacher, these are my favorite series to teach from. They are written well and the songs are not monotonous like some other series are. I feel like the kids who study bastien are better sight readers.


Exactly what my daughter needed

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