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20+ years of teaching experience; all ages, all levels. "Mentoring curiosity with artistic expression, for a life-long exploration of music." MM in Music Education; BM in Piano Performance. Associations: MTAC (Certificate of Merit program), MTNA, National Guild, NFMT, and more. State Chair for Composers Today (MTAC); Freelance Evaluator (CM and various festivals)
  • Teaches: Theory Piano Lessons
    Harmony Piano Lessons
    Levels: No Experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Age Range: 3 - 100
    Individual/Group: Individual Piano Lessons
    Hourly Rate: $74

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Piano Lessons by Liz Lucus

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  • Nikki image


    The approach that I think helped me the most was your willingness to help me with lyrics and compositions. This was what I was really interested in and you didn't hold me back, you just helped me grow as an artist and that is something I really appreciate. The experience impacted me because it led me to pursue music into college. I think everyone around me was impacted with my music learning in the piano studio. My family enjoyed hearing me play and helping me improve.

  • Alina image


    You help your students love music, and you help them create a passion for it without hammering "the rules." You encourage them to tell a story with every piece they play. You encourage composing even from the beginning, even when my daughter was 5 years old, you worked on helping her feel the music and find the music by exploring it herself on the piano and not necessarily by playing a piece already written by somebody. I now see that other piano teachers don't believe in having students compose if they don't know the "rules." You have students apply dynamics right away when learning a piece... you make sure that your students love the pieces they are playing... you add warmth and passion to every component/activity/workshop/recital/project that your students do. Your teaching is full of life.

  • Juliette image


    The monthly workshops and the concerts where the whole studio gathers to share music make music learning more fun knowing that people other than judges or my parents would get to hear me play. Both concerts and workshops greatly help to build my self esteem and improve my stage fright. These also allow me to receive helpful feedback from students and to build a sense of family for all the kids within the studio.

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