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Applause Piano Studio offer both a Preparatory Piano Program (PrePiano) for ages 4, 5, and 6+ who are not ready for a formal private lesson. Private lessons are offered for ages 7-85 and include 30, 45, or 60 minute private lessons with a teacher who holds 3 degrees in Music and has been teaching for over 40 years and loving EVERY MOMENT!
In the PrePiano program, children learn the foundations of music, geared to the piano, through games, movement, singing, dancing and many fun activities. The small group setting fosters a love of learning, community and MUSIC!
Private lessons include theory, sight reading, performance skills, games and "off the bench" activities.
I am an engaging, fun teacher , who is passionate about helping others to enjoy and become proficient at the art if playing the piano. Whether you are a serious student or just want to learn for fun, you have contacted the right and perfect teacher! Please feel free to peruse my website at www.applausepianostudio.com. I am happy to answer any questions you may have and under no obligation. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email at maryalice@applausepianostudio.com.
I look forward to helping you master the piano! Have a musical day! MaryAlice.
  • Teaches: Theory Piano Lessons
    Sight-Reading Piano Lessons
    Levels: No Experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Age Range: 4 - 85
    Individual/Group: Private Piano Lessons
    Teacher Decides
    Hourly Rate: $50

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Piano Lessons by MaryAlice Senecal

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  • E. and W. image

    E. and W.

    I wanted my child to have fun while learning basic musical concepts. I had no idea ALL that we both would learn and that we would have such fun together! It has strengthened the bond we share. It has brought music into our home, to share with the entire family. Thank you so much MeLaLa!

  • J.and K. K. image

    J.and K. K.

    I have never met such a caring, enthusiastic teacher who has such a passion for what she does. And it’s catching! Everyday my son asks, “is today piano day?

  • A.and C. Huang image

    A.and C. Huang

    My child first came to CMC to the baby class in Kindermusik. I had two other teachers during that time. When we signed up for Miss MeLaLa’s class, I thought it may be our last. I loved the program and what we were doing, but there was just something missing from our initial experience, that I just couldn’t put my finger on. At our first class with her, I couldn’t even believe this was the same program! We had such fun, learned so much and had activities that we could do every day till we came to class again. The enthusiasm and love Miss MeLaLa has for her children and families is evident. She is a talented and very special teacher. We continued throughout all the levels of Kindermusik with Miss MeLaLa. Now my child is one of her many piano students and she is just flourishing! That same love of learning and enjoyment of music is still something she expresses. She just loves playing the piano and of course MaryAlice!

  • M.A. and her child A.A. image

    My daughter has a proclivity towards music. She is a perfectionist and gets easily frustrated. To her, if it’s not perfect right way, “It sucks” or worse, “I suck!” This seems to be her mantra and gives me a feeling of failure as a parent. We were debating whether piano lessons would be a good fit for her. I reminisced about my own experience as a piano student and how often I felt ‘less than’ perfect. My daughter’s friend was taking lessons and I asked about her teacher. I was overwhelmed with all the positive remarks, not only from my friend, but from her child as well! We decided to give it a try and requested MaryAlice as her teacher. She was able to adjust her schedule to accommodate us and from day one, we are truly grateful for all she has done for all of us. She is a wonderful teacher! She has taught our daughter that mistakes are how we learn; and that life has its disappointments and you can either get upset, brow beat yourself, or fix it. Most teachers would leave it there, but she gave her strategies, tools and directions to make it better. I haven’t heard the word “suck” since she has been involved with MaryAlice. My daughter is a happy child. She not only accepts that mistakes are okay, but there is an answer to fix them. This has trickled down to her academics and even her social life. Her self confidence and self image has flourished. As a student of MaryAlice it is great to have an adult voice to talk to. As a parent, I feel we are receiving more than we could ever hope for our child.

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