Bastien Piano Basics: Technic - Level 3

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Technic is the Bastien Piano Basics technic development series. Use the practical warm-up exercises to start lessons and practice sessions. Original works by James Bastien, and graded etudes by masters such as Schmitt, Czerny, Hanon, and Lemoine reinforce technic. Each page is carefully correlated with Piano, Performance, and Theory. Your students will develop dependable techniques from the very beginning. Level 3 contains a variety of technical exercises and drills from Hanon, Schmitt, Czerny, and Bastien.

Edition Number: WP218
ISBN 10 digit: 0849793025
Level/Grade: 3
Media Type: Music Books
Instrument: Piano
Series: Bastien Piano Basics

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Dimensions: 22.2 x 29.9 x 0.6 cm

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Emily E. Jefferys

Excellent technic exercises for the older level 3 piano student (ages 10+). This method focuses heavily on chord development- including inversions. Exercises are fun, upbeat, and never tedious. They are repetitive enough to get the concept mastered, with adequate practice time. I recommend this to my students who are interested in playing jazz, hymns, pop accompaniment music, and movie themes. The technics in this curriculum do not focus heavily on classical- so you will need to supplement appropriately. Students will also need to be able to reach an octave.

Claudette Levesque

Use this book after primer, 1and 2

Ginger Blythe

as expected

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