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What Sanitizers Are Safe to Disinfect Pianos?

"Come To Know Everything About The Piano Sanitizing Process And Should You Do It or Not"


Coronavirus is currently causing a lot of trouble for the whole world, and at this time, everyone is scared of the infectious disease called Covid-19. We should have a fear of getting infected from this disease; it is the right thing because we don't know much about this new virus called Coronavirus. But the main thing is that we still don't have the actual and authentic antidote of this virus. Therefore, medical professionals, researchers, and scientists are suggesting that every human follows the safety precautions to deal with the bad consequences. The only thing that we can do and already doing today is following the social distancing. It's because currently, social distancing is the only way to avert the destruction that Coronavirus can cause for humanity.

Corona virus effects on Piano teaching profession

And because of Coronavirus, almost every business, no matter small or big, is getting affected. But here on this post, we are specially going to take a look at this pandemic from the perspective of a piano teacher. If you are a piano teacher/instructor who teaches piano lessons to their students and clients, then also there are many things that you should follow not to get affected and get part of this virus spreading process.

You should make the distance from students and clients who already have the symptoms the same as Covid-19 disease; this should be your first approach. You should do the second thing if you are still teaching clients and students one-on-one by going to their place. You should take care of disinfecting your pianos after a certain time if you have your own teaching space like a studio or piano classes.

The disinfection process of pianos should be a necessity for a piano instructor because the Covid-19 is a disease that can spread person to person.  Another shocking thing is that this virus can stay or survive on non-living surfaces; in this case, it can be the piano for a few hours. So, as a piano teacher, you should disinfect properly the surface, keys, and other parts of the piano where usually you and your students touch. If you want to know about the sanitizing process of pianos in detail, then this comprehensive post will help you a lot. Basically, Here we are going to talk about why the sensitizing process is essential for pianos, and what are the best products that you can use in this disinfecting process.

"He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything"Arabian proverb


Disinfecting Process For Pianos And Its Importance


Sanitizing a piano


If you think that you should disinfect the piano that getting in touch with many people because you have your own studio or classes, in this case, it should be your first approach to disinfect the piano and other things that usually come in contact with many people. This disinfecting process plays a huge role in the prevention of any viral disease that may spread via physical contact. Besides the piano, if you want to clean any other musical instrument, you also have to follow the same safety precautions and the method of disinfecting that particular instrument.

  • Before going forward to the actual disinfecting process, we want to let you know that you need a total of three things to complete this whole process. According to official CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) website, the first thing that you need is microfiber cloth; secondly, you need the cleaning solution  to remove any kind of dust and grime from the surface of the piano or any other musical instrument. Finally, the third and last thing that you need is the EPA registered disinfectant.  

  • As  per CDC,you should wear safety disposable gloves and eye protection too. These are the necessary thing that you should wear before going forward to use the disinfectant; it's because if you don't, then it can cause severe damage to your skin and eyes. If you have everything needed for this disinfecting or sanitizing process, you are good to go.

  • CDC recommends to wash hands before and after this cleaning or sanitizing process. In this way, you can ensure not to be a part of this virus spreading process, because it usually spread via physical contacts. First of all, take the microfiber cloth and wipe the dust off from the surface of the piano. Yeah, there is nothing wrong if you can't remove the hardly accumulated dirt and grime from the surface. For this, you need the general cleaners for pianos; you can try out some of the cleaners' reliable brands for this task. Be sure not to use the bleach for this general cleaning task because it can leave scratches and cause severe damage to the piano key, especially the ivory keys. For applying the cleaner solution, you just need to apply it with the help of microfiber cloth, and for better results, you can also use the cotton swab. After you cleaned up all the rigorously accumulated dirt, grime, and other particles, now you can move forward to the actual disinfecting process. You can also check NAMM guide about Instrument Cleaning. 

  • Now take the disinfectant solution to apply it on the surface of the piano and the keys of the piano. You can apply it as you did with the general cleaners. There is nothing different in the applying process of general cleaners and the disinfectant solution, the only different present based on the base formula. If you don't know which disinfectant you should go with, make sure to check out the below-listed brand section, there, you will also find the top brands across the globe who are making highly effective sanitizers disinfectants.



  • According to CDC, the most significant advantage of this disinfecting process of pianos is that you can contribute to the prevention of Coronavirus spreading. And by doing this process on a routine basis, you can save yourself and your family, and ensure that this virus doesn't infect your students and clients.

  • Disinfecting piano should be a part of your work if you are a professional piano teacher, learn piano as a student, and be willing to start a career in the piano teaching field. After all, this hygienic process is the way to fight against viral disease and new viruses.

  • Because this is exactly like the cleaning or servicing process of piano, so it can be a great way to increase the lifespan of your piano. And if you have a 40 year or older piano at your home, you can disinfect it and clean it to give a new look.


  • Before starting the cleaning process, always makes sure to choose the right type of cleaning solution because it can badly damage your piano.

  • While using the liquid cleaners, there is a higher risk always involved that the moisture can go in between piano keys. And it can affect the way any key plays or sounds.


“We are still learning about this new coronavirus, but it is likely that one way it spreads is through contaminated surfaces. Frequently cleaning surfaces should help.”
— Daniel M. Parker, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology at the University of California, Irvine


Which Sanetizers Should Your Choose As A Piano Teacher?


Sanitizing piano


When it comes to buying the safest option to sanitize your piano, you only have a few choices. And it is quite hard to choose from these limited choices of sanitizers because each of them has almost similar features/properties, but the price point is different. But here we have some of the popular and trusted disinfectants as well as the general cleaner providers for pianos specifically. Below you will find the best brands all across the globe who are offering the best cleaners and best disinfectants or sanitizers for musical instruments.

Clorox Professional Products Company (Disinfectant Brand):


Piano Disinfectant


According to the expertsand CDC, you should always choose the disinfectant brands that should follow the proper guidelines. Therefore you should always go with the EPA registered disinfectants, and the most popular but well-known brand that you will find is the Clorox Professional Products Company. More specifically, you should go with the Blondie and the Dagwood disinfectants or sanitizers. The manufacturing company claims that these disinfectants or sanitizers can kill the germs within one minute only, but the best part is that you don't even need to wipe out the solution for the surface. It's because it will automatically vaporize within a few minutes.

Buy Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes

Official Cory Care website 


Diversey, Inc. (Disinfectant Brand):


Disinfectant for Piano


Diversey is one of the most popular as well as an old brand in the market right now; they are providing multiple categories of products. Talking about the disinfectant so currently, the best certified and the reliable disinfectant from Diversery is the Avert Sporicidal Disinfectant Cleaner. This sanitizer will take only four minutes to show its effect against the viruses and other microorganisms that may present on the piano surface or keys. Apart from this, the Diversey company claims that it wouldn't react with the pours, and painted surface of a piano or any other musical instrument. Currently, the Avert Sporicidal Disinfectant Cleaner is one of the best and EPA registered sanitizers that present in the market.

Official Cory Care website

Cory Care Products (General Cleaner Provider):


Piano senetizer


Cory care products are one of the most popular manufacturers or product providers, and mainly they work on and provide the instrument cleaning solutions. As a piano teacher/instructor, you should try the Ultimate Care Kit for pianos from Cory Care. This kit has included two bottles of different solutions, where the first one comes with the primary cleaning solution to clean the piano keys and other surfaces. Inside the other bottle, you will get the polish solution that you can use to give a new look to your piano.

There are two microfibers or piano cleaning cloths that are also present out of the box. You can use these clothes simultaneously, but the best part is that each cloth is pretty smooth and won't leave any scratch on your piano surface and the keys. This kit will cost you as low as only 25 bucks, which seems very affordable.


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Music Nomad (General Cleaner Provider):


Piano Senetizer


This particular brand is also famous all across the globe, and if you are looking for a reliable piano cleaning solution providing brand, then this is the one that you were looking for. Their majority of products are particularly present for musical instruments, and the cleaner solution “The Piano ONE - All In 1 Cleaner For Pianos" is currently the best one that is present in the market. Other than the brilliant cleaning ability, the Music Nomad company also claims that they have added the UV Protectants and anti-static agents to this solution. These extra properties and added elements can provide additional protection to your piano.

Buy The Piano ONE -All in 1 Cleaner, Polish & Wax for Gloss Pianos

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More Brands:-


Why Should You Switch As An Online Piano Instructor?


Piano teacher


It is the most common question that many piano tutors ask: should they switch to the online piano teaching platforms to work as an online piano instructor? Well, considering the current situation in the world, switching online seems a great opportunity not only to continue doing your job but also to grow up in this field. It would be great for you if you are a new teacher or instructor who is willing to make a career in the piano teaching field, you can start teaching directly online. It's a fantastic opportunity for newcomers to grab this opportunity and grow in this field by showcasing your teaching skills in front of many clients and students.

Here are some of the key benefits of becoming an online piano instructor:

  • Firstly, you can avoid the one to one contact with other persons, clients, and students who may have Covid-19 like an infectious disease. You can save yourself and your family by getting affected by Coronavirus without quitting your job.

  • After using the online teaching platforms, you will realize that it is straightforward to do your piano teaching job without leaving your comfort zone and staying safe.

  • Because many online piano teaching platforms offering the feature where the students and clients can contact find teachers, and you can do the same as well. This is how you can approach new clients and students without going anywhere.

  • Another best thing is that after completely switching to the online piano teaching platforms, you don't need to mess up or every time asks for the fees from your clients or students. The online platforms will take care of all your payments and invoices.


The Best Piano Teachers Is a fantastic platform where you can join as an online piano teacher to continue doing your job without getting affected because of this pandemic. Not only this but if you are a student who is looking for the best piano teachers from all across the world for learning jazz, classic, and rock piano without leaving your comfort zone, then also you can use this online platform. You can visit the website and create a free account for getting in touch with students and teachers.

So, these were some of the required information for a piano instructor, about how to tackle with the viral infection by disinfecting the piano and other things that usually come in touch with many people at your place. You can try out the most popular, and EPA-registered disinfectant for killing the viruses, germs, and other microorganisms from the different musical instruments'

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