7 Easy Piano Songs For Beginners

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If you are just tip-toeing your way into the world of music-of playing the piano, to be more specific- and are wondering what songs would be the best to start with, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are a first-time pianist or a former player returning to the world you love, the 7 beautiful songs below will be perfect to get you started on your musical journey. 

Read on to learn which fairly easy, yet wonderfully melodious tunes you can learn to play today.

1.       Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

This nursery rhyme needs no introduction as most of us have known this since we were in pre-school, just learning to speak properly. Just like it was a big portion of our pre-school education, this song has become a part and parcel of learning to play the piano for beginners. 

Also, just in case you have not noticed it before, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” is basically the same song as the alphabet song. There are just a few notes different here and there. So, if you learn to play  “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on the piano, you will kind of be learning to play two songs at once. 

Moreover, because the tune is so easy to remember, you can quickly understand it when the sheet music and the music you are playing don’t add up. 

The sheet music for “Twinkle, Twinkle” is quite simple. You should start out with the basic sheet music so that you can follow along easily and know the basic piano keys before moving onto more complex tunes. Pay attention to the keystrokes required and maintaining a good hand position.

Begin playing by placing your right thumb on note C. Except for the highest note, all other notes you will need will be close and under your fingers.

2.       Heart and Soul

“Heart and Soul” is a bit more advanced than “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” but overall, isn’t very difficult to learn. Learning to play “Heart and Soul” also presents a nice opportunity of playing with someone else. 

Because playing this song comprises more keys, it requires more hand movements from you. The range of notes involved will give you a taste of the notes you would need to know if you decide to study the piano further. 

This song can be played by two players as well, with one playing the chords C-Amin-F-G and the other just adding to the music. The C-Amin-F-G chords could also be replaced by C-Amin-D-G. Learning to play a duet can help you learn better if you are a visual learner. You can watch your teacher play their portion of the song and try to emulate them.

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Moreover, because the song can be performed as a duet, you can try to teach a family member or a friend the song. This can help a beginner like you hone your skills more as you will be applying what you have learned.

3.       Happy Birthday to You

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

“Happy birthday” is a comparatively uncomplicated and useful song for beginners to learn. If you learn this, you can show off your skills at any birthday party and possibly give the birthday person a great memory. Everyone else can sing along, thus making you a great company to have at any birthday party.

Similar to  “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, you should place your right thumb on note C. The first half of the song should then be placed neatly around your fingers. There is an octave jump involved, though.

4.       Jingle Bells

This is another song that needs no introduction. The widely-known chorus of “Jingle Bells” is easy and involves many repeated notes. This is important because repetition is a key lesson for learning the piano. You probably have heard repeated notes a lot in many songs; this is your chance to learn it.

The reason repetition is so emphasized is that it builds muscle memory. While playing this, you will repeat the same keys, thus memorizing them over time as you practice again and again. 

But the song does have more difficult verses once you get past those initial keys. This transition helps you dive a bit deeper into the basics, hence taking your training further.

Also, because the song is popular, guiding yourself through the song as you play will be relatively easier.

5.     Hallelujah

As a beginner, you probably have started playing using mainly one hand. If you have been wondering which song would be the perfect pick to learn how to incorporate both your hands, “Hallelujah” is the one. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen is a great song to learn to play the piano using both your hands because it emphasizes the fundamental keystrokes and is popular enough to easily follow along.

The transition to two hands is more stable and comfortable when compared to more upbeat songs.

The song “Hallelujah” involves the basics, so don’t worry about having to learn difficult chords while learning to use your other, lesser-used hand too.

Because the song is slow-paced, you have the time to think about what you need to do next, what key should be hit after this, etc. Thus, you gain a more thorough understanding of your lesson.

6.       Havana

Now, on to a more fun song. Havana is a very good song for dancing and an even better one for learning to play the piano. 

Yes, it is a bit more complicated than other beginner songs, especially because of its off-the-beat rhythm, but it is still less demanding than classical compositions. The chorus comprises a simple pattern of notes to repeatedly play using your left hand and a number of chords to play using the right hand. You can get into the full tune after getting past these.

You should take learning to play “Havana” as a step-by-step procedure in order to properly learn the tune. 

7.       Prelude in C Major 

Photo by Anastasia Kolchina from Pexels

Bach’s “Prelude in C Major” is a great easy-to-learn classical song. The difficulty level might be higher with this one compared to the rest listed here. But if you want to focus on playing classical music, you should learn “Prelude in C Major”.

However, it does mostly focus on a particular pattern of keys that is repeated twice, which makes it easier to practice and learn. Because of the repeated pattern of keys involved, you will need to learn a certain number of keystrokes only. 

This song also requires two hands to play different notes, so you can get practice in that area as well.  Hence, “Prelude in C Major” is a perfect song for beginners who are looking to challenge themselves and level up their piano playing skills.

Some Departing Advice 

Learning the piano can be quite a fulfilling experience. It may feel intimidating at first, but we hope that playing these songs helps you master the basics and sharpen your skills. However, having an exceptional, inspiring teacher can greatly help you learn the piano in a more organized and structured manner. It makes your practice sessions more fun and allows you to get real-time feedback from an expert virtuoso and track your progress.

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By the way, which of these easy piano songs are you going to play first? Let us know in the comments below!

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