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Advantages of Private Piano Instructors

"What makes a Private Piano Teacher helpful for you?"


Whether you are a complete beginner piano player or you want to improve your skillset, lessons are always the way to learn. You could learn by a professional teacher who knows how to guide and push you. However, there are so many different teachers out there. It can be hard to know which one is best for you or your child.  

Here are some of the best reasons why you should invest in a private piano teacher:


Learn From An Experienced Professional Privately

One of the immediate benefits of opting for lessons with a private piano instructor is the fact that they are all unique. All private instructors are skilled and experienced and each of them has a different style and focus of teaching. This diversity is designed to match the varied styles of learning - no two people are going to be able to learn to play the piano the same. It may seem slightly overwhelming at the beginning, trying to decide what kind of private instructor you are looking for, but it doesn’t need to be.

Pros of having a Private Piano Insturctor:

  • Personalized Approach
  • Build student Confidence and Self-esteem
  • Provide motivation
  • Monitor student’s piano learning process personally


Private Instructors Have More Freedom In The Way That They Teach

Often, people will already have some idea of what they are looking for, whether they know it or not. Some private piano teachers offer group lessons or one-on-one tutorials. There are pros to both of these situations, but, likely, you may already know which method you or your child will prefer. If you are in an environment you feel comfortable in, whether that is with other students or alone, you are likely to feel more relaxed, and can focus on learning how to play.

Private piano instructors are going to vary in teaching styles. Some people benefit from very focused lessons, as it helps them to get the most out of their time with a teacher. They know exactly what they need to learn, and exactly how to practice to get better. Others prefer a more relaxed flow, where they can learn the syllabus but there is also some opportunity to deviate if they are interested in a specific element of piano-playing. You will respond best to lessons that are structured in a way that makes you feel comfortable, but still pushes your abilities, and this is going to look different for everyone.


Learn Piano At Your Own Private Space Is FUN

Learning how to play the piano is a fun and enjoyable especially when you are learning it at your personal space. It gives you or your child luxury of comfort.  Some people may strive to completely master the instrument because they have dreams of playing in a Philharmonic orchestra. Fine-tuning piano skills to meet these desires takes a piano instructor who is equally as dedicated and devoted to the craft, which you may not be able to get with public lessons. 

Some private instructors may have played in professional orchestras themselves, who know exactly how to nurture natural ability to create the best results. Most importantly, they will create a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction in the student, so they have fun while achieving their dreams.

Pros of Learning Piano In Your Own Space:

  • Warm Family Environment
  • Efficient learning
  • Parents can track their children’s progress



Private Piano Instructors Understand Your Needs

Of course, not all students learn how to play the piano with desires of becoming the best in the world. For many, it is just a fun hobby, that can be learned to play beautiful music. Private instructors can help to provide a relaxed learning environment for students who want to learn but aren’t necessarily driven by a specific, focused goal.  

Understanding a student’s needs will also mean catering to their speed and abilities. Some students will pick up new skills immediately, and others may require a lot of practice. Good private instructors understand this and will keep students engaged with several different teaching methods. This may mean using card games or other forms of musical learning, not just constant repetition and practice, which doesn’t work for everyone.

Private Instructors Tend To Have Better Results

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Learning how to play the piano is a difficult skill to master, but private piano instructors are dedicated to ensuring that all students achieve it. Students will always work at their own pace, no matter how fast or slow that is, but private instructors will help them to get there in the end. As learning the piano can be a life-long hobby, there is no rush to get better. Everyone will have more fun if they progress as fast and as far as they want to. Private instructors know how much to challenge students, so that they still have the satisfaction of learning and getting better, but they are always having fun while doing it.

Teacher Pushes Student To Do Better

Part of what makes private piano instructors so successful is their dedication to the craft. They genuinely enjoy teaching students of all abilities and ages, and this enthusiasm is infectious. It can help motivate students to learn more and try harder. Private instructors are always willing to go the extra mile to help a student, through tailored lessons to different types of motivation and support. The result of this tends to be a faster progression through levels of learning and students who keep up with their hobby. 

Private piano teacher with her student

 Of course, the skill level is not the only way to measure success, but for many, it creates positive feelings of accomplishment. Fostering and maintaining this sense of excitement is important with learning any new skill, and is often more important than how well you or your child can play. Most people do not care too much, about how well they can play, but they like the fact that they can create music that makes them, and others around them feel good. Private instructors are more likely to help students enjoy learning, by creating lessons that are innovative and fun that might not always be results-driven. However, if students remain engaged and happy to learn, they will undoubtedly do better in the end.


Go For A Private Piano Instructor

Whether you are looking for piano lessons for yourself or someone else, they are an investment. Learning to play the piano takes time and skill, but the rewards can be exponential. Fostering personal interest and determination is key to ensuring that players continue on their piano journey, and maintain their love for the instrument.  
Opting for a private piano instructor is the greatest choice you can make in the long run. Untrained ability will not get you as far as a great teacher who knows exactly how to push that ability and make it great. Not only do private instructors greatly improve your piano playing, but they help you to retain a sense of enjoyment and fun while learning to play - it never becomes boring or seen as a chore. 

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