Can I Teach Myself Piano?

Wondering if you could learn to play piano by yourself? The answer is – definitely! 

It isn't a piece of cake, but it is also something you can learn if you have the right motivation and determination. So,let’s answer your question in detail that might have in your mind!

How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano By Myself?


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It depends on how much would you invest in your piano lessons to tell how soon you would learn it. Usually, the ones taking piano lessons from professionals take 1-2 years to learn the basics properly. But if you want to learn it by yourself, it may take you 3-4 years, with patience and commitment to learning the lessons.

Although learning piano by yourself would depend on how you want to learn it, it would need a lot of patience. You might want to learn it just for fun as a hobby, or you might want to do it passionately; it would take years for you to master it. It would also depend on the length of lessons you are taking weekly and starting your basics.

If you are learning to play piano as a hobby, then learning it by yourself would be enough to serve the purpose. But you might want to take some expert advice or even lessons to learn it professionally. So, after learning by yourself, you should consider taking some advice from the experts.

Is Piano Hard To Learn By Myself?

Learning piano by yourself is not impossible, but it can take you a while to learn and master it. Even if you have some prior experience learning piano or trying to play it, you would need some time to get a grip on it.

It might seem a bit difficult for you to catch up with the piano lessons at first. And if you don't have any knowledge about how playing the piano works, then all the chords and progressions may seem pretty confusing to you. But it becomes easy over time. If you keep trying and stay focused on learning, then you'll soon catch up with the lessons.

So, by setting your goals and having patience, you won't feel like learning piano by yourself so hard. You need to stay focused, determined, and motivated all the time.

How Can I teach Myself Piano?


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Before learning to play piano by yourself, you must know that playing any musical instrument would need a great deal of commitment. If you start learning how to play it, you must have that level of determination and dedicate yourself to the lessons.

Having this in mind, you can start learning any musical instrument with ease. Now, let us come back to teaching yourself to play the piano. There are some basic things you must know before starting your lessons. We have narrowed down the importance once here in this article. So, sit tight and go through the guidelines.

Find Yourself A Piano

The first thing you need to do is find yourself a piano. You can either buy it or go to any piano studio nearby. Purchasing a piano might seem a bit costly to you. So, if you are still deciding whether or not to learn piano or even do it for fun, it would be better if you try finding a studio for piano rather than buying one.

But if you are fully determined to learn piano and take it to the advanced level, you should definitely buy a piano later on. It is way more convenient to have a piano of your own than finding one at the studio. You can play anytime you want if you have your piano. But there will be fixed times in the studios for playing piano and a limited time to play it.

Again, nowadays, there are many apps giving you so many features to play the piano. Although it might not be a good choice if you learn to play the actual piano later on, for an introduction to your musical instrument, you can definitely try to understand the chords and keys a piano has.

Get Accustomed With The Piano

After you have found an instrument to play, fidget around it for a while and play with the keys as you wish. Try to understand with key sounds like what and how swiftly you need to position your fingers on the piano to get a perfect sound out of it.

You must also check if the piano is in tune. You can ask any expert at the store you bought it from or anyone at the studio if you are learning there to tune it for you. The tuning is not necessary if you are using a keyboard. After the first time, you can try and tune it yourself. You can either look up on YouTube for a tutorial, or you can download a tuning app on your phone.

Now learn the names of every key in the piano and try to play and memorize it. You can buy a piano guide from the bookstore for some help. The more convenient way is to again look up on the internet for a tutorial video to help you.

Learn The Arms And Hands Proposition

Now make sure to learn the proper hands and arms propositions for playing the piano. Usually, you should maintain the right-hand position, also known as the C-position for the piano players. It is a cup shape formed by your hands with the left side hanging and wrist and arms staying straight. It sounds a bit confusing right now, but you will pick it up once you practice and understand the posture correctly.

You will find many finger exercises in your piano guide and also online. So, find some good exercises for yourselves, there are no fixed ones. Make a schedule to fix your arms and hands posture first, and then you can learn the piano better. Without learning the correct propositions for your arms and hands, you won't be able to pick up your piano lessons quickly. You will also have difficulties playing it. So, make sure to learn these postures and propositions first, then the chord progressions and everything.

Find Some Online Resources

Nowadays, you can learn every musical instrument using the video tutorials available on YouTube. But you need to find the right tutorials for yourselves. Not all tutorials would be good, and sometimes they might also lead you to learn something different than the correct ones, so be careful.

The free videos might be convenient for you, but they might not be worth it. Many websites and online musical schools exist which will provide you with a good lesson which you can follow. You can customize these lessons and also learn them at your convenient times.


The current tech generation has it all for you just in your grip. So you need to find the best ones out of it. It has become so easy for you to learn piano sitting at home by yourself using the internet. But you need to filter out the good stuff out of the vast resources available for you.

So, make sure to be focused, determined, and motivated throughout your piano lessons. You've got this!

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