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Average cost of piano lessons

Playing piano is not only about musical talent – it requires dedication and a lot of time. Distant and in home piano lessons are available all around the USA and Canada. But in order to master the instrument, improve your playing skills, learn theory, and develop improvisation skills, you need to know what to count on and how to plan a budget. So, how much do piano lessons cost and what the price depends on?

Average cost for Piano Lessons ranges from $30 - $60 /hr

1. Teacher Reputation

Teachers with extensive experience often take much more per lesson (from $60) and advanced pianists often use their services. Beginning teaches usually charge less and are recommended for students who start from scratch. They can initially teach the correct piano playing technique and in the future this will help to avoid difficulties in learning new material, retraining, error correction.

With a starter, students would be able to get up simple songs, learn music theory piano, play with two hands and put their fingers correctly, so that in the future it would be easy to deal with new chords and musical moves. With an advanced teacher, they can prepare for competitions and master complicated chords and songs.

2. Length of The Piano Lesson

Typically, lessons for adults last for one hour. Piano lessons for children are usually shorter by 30 minutes (since children do not have enough perseverance and concentration). This is why when it comes to piano lessons for kids, price is lower by 30-40%.

3. Locations

In the USA, piano lessons cost from $25 to $100 – it depends on a variety of factors, including the state and teacher’s experience. For example, a new unexperienced teacher may charge $15-25 per 30 minutes, while teachers with degrees, performing history and reputation may charge as much as $100 per each lesson.

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Here is the average cost of piano lessons per hour in different cities:

  • San-Francisco - $65;
  • New York, Boston, Toronto - $60;
  • Las Vegas - $42;
  • Chicago – $40-45.

Once a person learns the basis and theory, he can consider remote education. The cost of online piano lessons tends to be lower than personal meetings.

On thebestpianoteachers.com, you can easily figure out a budget-friendly solution and find a teacher who fits the demands.

4. Market competition

If there are many piano teachers, the prices are likely to be lower. When you live in a densely populated city, it’s easier to find a suitable teacher and lessons that fir your budget and educational needs. Yet, it also depends on the city, area, and district. For example, in New York, the average price is likely to be higher than in Calgary.

5. Group or individual lessons

Private lessons tend to be more expensive, no matter which are and student age is concerned. For example, private lessons in studio can be worth $35 per 30 minutes and $60 per 60 minutes. Groups lessons are cheaper, especially when there’s a monthly subscription which includes 4 lessons and more.

How to save?

In order to cut expenses on the average cost of piano lessons, you can consider the following:

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  1. Switch to group lessons;
  2. Commute to the teacher’s place of work (studio);
  3. Try online education;
  4. Take lessons in a particular specialization;
  5. Take shorter lessons (30 minutes);
  6. Practice more self-learning;
  7. Start education with younger, less experienced teachers.

Before discovering how much do online piano lessons cost with a certain teacher, or what personal sessions in a studio cost, you can ask for an introductory session. The first trial piano lesson for adults and for all children is always free. During this session, the teacher will tell you how to learn how to play the piano in your case most quickly and efficiently and will even be able to choose a suitable training program.

On thebestpianoteachers.com you can find a suitable teacher or musical school that provide group or private lessons. Use convenient search tools and filters to sort teachers by price, level, language, music style, type of instrument, location, and so on. You can also search by lesson categories, such as playing the piano, learn to read notes, master a specific musical style, learn to improvise, study solfeggio, etc. With our free service, finding a suitable piano tutor or ‘piano teachers near me’ becomes easy as never before!

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