What is the Quickest Way to Learn a Piano?

Playing the piano is fun, but it is pretty tough to master. For a beginner, it might be a complicated situation initially. Because learning piano isn't just learning a few tricks and patterns. There is a lot more to it, which requires a lot of patience. 

But that doesn't mean it will take a reasonable amount of time to learn to play. If you start smartly, it is possible to learn piano quickly. 

And that is the main point of this article. After reading this out, you will learn the tips and tricks that enable a beginner to learn piano in the quickest possible way. 

Therefore, let us not waste time and dive right into the article.

How to learn piano quickly: 6 tried and tested strategies

Learning to play any musical instrument requires dedication and commitment, and the same goes for a piano. If you want to learn piano perfectly, your commitment needs to be there all the time. 

That said, there is one common question that most beginners ponder.

Is it possible to learn piano quickly?

The main idea behind such a query is that they don’t want their learning process to be slower. And to be honest, it’s possible to learn piano quickly, and all one needs to do is adopt the right strategies.

What are those strategies?

Don’t worry. Right now, I will tell you about some of the tried and tested methods that have proved to be successful in learning piano within a short time.

Here are the top seven tips to learn piano quickly


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Determine trouble spots

When you are in the mood, the speed you are playing tends to be faster. As a result, the troubled spots often get unnoticed. But if you try it slowly, you can quickly determine where the issue is. 

When playing slow, the mistakes are pretty obvious. And that makes your job easy to find them out. Therefore, your strategy should be to figure them out first and start practicing.

After you have repeatedly played those wrong notes, eventually, the mistakes will get much more evident. Thus, you would get the chance to rectify them within a short time.

Have a Practice Journal

Sometimes it's hard to maintain your practice. Most of us often don't get the time to practice every day, which is a pretty normal issue. 

But if you want to learn to play piano in a short time, you need more and more practice. 

What to do in this situation? 

To be honest, it's not that tough. You just need to set up a practice journal, and you need to set benchmarks regarding your practice and track how much you have improved.

Once you have your journal, you can see the frequency of practice within a week or month. Eventually, this will motivate you to strive for more and drive you towards perfection.

Go with easy versions

One of the most common mistakes that beginners make is practicing tough notes from the start, and it’s not a good ploy when you are learning to play any musical instrument.

As a beginner, everyone should try to play the notes that are easy to hit. Getting to the stage where you can play any song you like will take a considerable amount of time. What you need to adopt is to learn the easier versions of the songs. After that moving on to the difficult versions won’t be that tough.

Improve the physicality

While playing, the way you manage your gesture and posture matters a lot, and it affects the performance, so you need to emphasize. 

You need to sit up straight and slightly curve the hands to get a better output. And these aspects are equally important, as this improves the playing a lot. 

Jam with others

When you jam with other players, automatically, you learn a lot from others. Jamming with experienced pianists helps you explore different segments and techniques of piano playing.

Besides, when you jam with your peers or contemporary musicians, you learn about their playing styles. This eventually goes both ways as you can learn from them; similarly, they can pick a piece or two from you. 

Find a mentor

A piano is not the easiest instrument you can play, and it's not like something that you can learn by watching mere YouTube videos. 

Ideally, you need to invest a very good amount of time learning this. Therefore, if you have a mentor to guide you, the procedure of learning will get much simpler.

As you want to learn playing in the quickest possible time, a mentor can guide you in the right way. He can share his experience and teach you some tricks to swiftly adapt to different playing styles.

Therefore, it’s never late to find a mentor if you want to master playing the piano.

Why is learning piano hard?

Playing the piano feels unreal and soothing. It is a great way to relieve all your stress and pass your leisure time.

But mastering playing the piano isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and it needs a considerable amount of practice to play the piano perfectly. 

If we talk about self-teaching, it’s almost useless in most cases for piano. Because other than techniques, one needs to have adequate knowledge about the theories and notes associated with playing.

Also, coordinating two hands at the same time requires time and patience. Especially while playing the fast songs, it requires profound perfection so that the output sounds impeccable.

There are exercises that one needs to do to master coordination. So, mere tutorials aren’t enough for learning piano. Dedication, patience, and, to some extent, mentorship are required to play piano with utmost perfection.

Can I learn piano on a keyboard?


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Yes, it is possible to learn piano on a keyboard. And that is possible because the layout of the keys in a keyboard is similar to that of the piano, and there are slight differences like the width of the keys or the amount of pressure you need to exert while playing.

But overall, no issue exists if you want to start learning on a keyboard.

Final Thoughts

As a beginner, if you want to learn fast, you got to keep it slow at the beginning. This is what the philosophy of playing the piano is.

Here in this article, I mentioned all the possible things that would enable your process of learning piano to be faster. All of these tips are tried and tested so that you can try them without any hesitation.

Even after all these, if you feel that my suggestions seem vague, do let me know in the comments. 

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