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Private Piano Teachers in Toronto, Ontario

On this page we have prepared you a list of piano teachers in Toronto, Ontario that accept new piano students. Please choose one that you like and click on a selected piano teacher to see more details about it, and on that page if you have any question, you can always contact that teacher directly with the help of a contact form on the public piano teacher profile page, once you do that, please give 1 day for a teacher to reply to your message.

Karyn Fong main photo
$44 Per Hour

Karyn Fong

yoyo chan main photo
$50 Per Hour

yoyo chan

Adina Kogan main photo
$55 Per Hour

Adina Kogan

Thi Hong Nhu Nguyen main photo
$30 Per Hour

Thi Hong Nhu Nguyen

Melissa martelli main photo
$40 Per Hour

Melissa martelli

Jennifer Amell main photo
$45 Per Hour

Jennifer Amell

Seba Tumer main photo
$40 Per Hour

Seba Tumer

Dina Litvak main photo
$40 Per Hour

Dina Litvak

Brad Alexander main photo
$70 Per Hour

Brad Alexander

Brad Dean Alexander is pianist/singer/songwriter based in Toronto. After over a decade of working as the piano man on cruise ships he is doing shows in Toronto, and live on Facebook every Wednesday night at 7pm EST. Available for virtual shows as well!

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In case you are looking for a specific type of piano lessons, we suggest you to select lesson type below and you will be navigated to a web page with a list of piano teachers that teach this type of piano lessons in Toronto, Ontario. Wish you a good luck finding a right piano teacher on our website, and start your type of piano lessons as soon as possible. You are on a right track to learn how to play piano or to improve your piano playing skills!

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Some people feel more comfortable learning piano on one-on-one setting with a teacher. Others prefer group piano lessons, as it keeps everyone engaged and more social. You can choose any of these options below to further navigate and find your ideal teacher and inquiry the selected teacher about their availability for your lessons